July 1st, Back In The World and Back To YouFreakinNerding!

Just got back Video version: YOUFREAKINNERD is back

So, today marks exactly six days since I flew home ‘on a jetplane’  I wasn’t sure when I’d be back again (to Reno) and as of this moment I’m still not sure.  I spent two years of my life living in that desert teaching others about my religion (mormon [commence angry mobs and comment bombardment xD]) and I STILL haven’t managed to get back in touch with everypony I knew out there!  (Hey, another sticking point: Ponies! Grab your torch and pitchforks!)  And honestly, I know that it’s only been a week, but FLIP!  It feels like three!  These last six days have blurred by so fast I’m not even fully sure what to think of them yet.

Before going on my mission, I would blaze through hours and hours of media content, today, as of six days after coming home I estimate I’ve only managed to squeeze in about 11 hours!  11! (#Area11 xD) Eleven hours of ‘screen sucking’ as my Padre calls it.  Two years ago, i’d do 11 hours in my sleep, today, I’m still trying to force media down my throat to get back into my trade (namely, reviewing, blogging, re-posting and twittering) and while i wasn’t one of these internet demi-gods gobbling down subscribers like Dragons and Titans gobble villagers but i had a small YouTube presence of 500 or over and I was happy with that!  now that the mission’s over and reality is finally setting in I face the Grim (Adventures of billy and mandy xD) reality that I’m going to have to get serious about this or my hobby of twittering and internetizing might just end up going down the toilet along with a lot of other veritable chickens I’ve counted that haven’t hatched yet.  (BTW, yes, I realize ‘internetizing’ isn’t a word.  But neither was ‘Lorax’ you never saw Dr. Seuss bat an eyelash.  To this day HIS name does NOT get flagged with squiggly red underlines xD.  But mine sometimes does… T____T)

At any rate, the filmage/Animeage/videoage (Yeah, I know English, I just don’t care =P) I have covered in the last 6 days are as follows: Pacific Rim, Wolf Children, Godzilla (2014 In theatres xD), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Two Episodes of FMA:B eps. 25, and 26, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (CLIFFHANGERS!!!! GAHHHHHH!!!!!), and Three episodes of ‘Attack on Titan’ (oh boy i have a hard time watching stuff that depressing and violent [I say in the same breath I mention Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, LOL gotta love hipocrisy!])

At any rate, that’s my tale thus-far, a nerd re- transplanted to his homeland of Tejas (Texas…) trying to restore balance to the world by learning all forms of bending to take on the Firelord (President of the USA! [or something]) before the comet returns (This one!!! D= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halley’s_Comet ) and like, totally gives the Kaiju enough of a powerboost to defeat the Evangelions and the Jaegers!  OH MY GOSH!!!!!


…. not, really, I’m just a nerd.  Welcome to the show… actually, this is a blog, but hey, it links to the show, right? xD


-Erik a.k.a. Barrel Rider, a.k.a. The DEVOURER (of cookies and chocolate soda) a.k.a some other Epic title


nerd with pony, back again

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