The Legend Of Korra Official YOUFREAKINNERD Geek/Out Reaction!

Ok so first of all, The Legend of Korra is freaking sweet! Episodes 6 and 7…. DANG! We had so much stuff going on up in this it took me like 5 whole minutes to react to it all! GOSH! Korra is finally showing much needed character development, Meelo is Stalin, Asami disappeared, Varrick is back, and ….sky bison meat market *shudder* *shudder* anyways, no new predictions yet, but I’ll get back to you in the next coupla days! Stay swag and awesome my NERDY homies…..
and now im just gonna tag things! Lin and Su Yin play Street Fighter, Meelo is Melon Lord and Kai is the new Jet!

Giant Robots!!!! Aldonah, Zero xD

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