Optimistic Post!

All right! Let’s start off today with an optimistic post!
So my laptop got a virus yesterday and can’t get in the internet! But that’s okay! I can use my phone!!! I tried uninstalling the malware but it turns out the only way to fix it is to do a system restore! Awesome!! But you know what that’s fine! It’s cool! I can wait a few hours for the system to boot up. And guess what? I CAN DO THAT!!! I don’t have to be at work until 4 tonight and I have a crunchyroll anime subscription and a PS3. So, SCREW YOU BAD DAY!! I’m gonna have an awesome time and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Ugh … You know, it starts to wear on you after a while when it seems like every time you try to do something creative you run into a roadblock.


It makes for a pretty freaking boring time if you don’t know how else to occupy your time. Thankfully having a pastime like watching anime and ponies sucks up time like no other!

GEEZ!!! Anyways, this last week or so has really been a bender. But there’s a lot of good that came out of this last week as well. For one I finally got caught up on my little pony friendship is magic! And I also managed to upload a season 4 legend of Korra predictions video! I’ve also managed to get in a better sleep schedule, improve my appetite, spend more time looking up news and catching up on my trade. When you put it that way it sounds like things couldn’t be better! However, there is one problem that’s been hampering my progress, and that’s lack of artistic inspiration.


There isn’t much your mind can do against being uninspired, it’s kind of like having a trained seeing eye dog who decides to go on strike. To say that being uninspired is a detriment to an artist is a freaking understatement. Being an on-fire artist, having a strong desire to show the whole world what you can do and then losing your spark is like being given a Lamborghini that has no tires and is stuck in first gear. Sure, you can spin your rims and shoot sparks up if you want but you won’t get near where your potential lies. That’s been my problem for the last week or so, lack of energy and lack of motivation which has ultimately sucked me dry of artistic go-get-em.

So, what’s my solution you may ask? It’s so simple it might just piss you off.

Be happy!

Happy for absolutely no reason is the best reason to be happy!

It sounds kinda silly but this is a conclusion I came to quite some time ago. I’m in charge of how happy I am and no one or no thing can really change that! The way I see things is that we’re all perceiving a world not as it truly is but as it seems to be. The truth of the matter is that we are the pen sitting atop a sheet of paper, upon that paper we can make our mark or we can allow ourselves to be wrapped up in it and lose track of what our real purpose is here.

For me, the decision to get off my butt and write a blog post or make a YouTube video isn’t something that I have to do in order to exist. I exist to do those things and the things I do are only a side effect if anything of me being here.
To my dear friend whom we all call ‘mortality’ I say this:
“You can take away my tools, you can beat me down you can make it difficult for me to create or be productive with my life and it will amount to nothing. Life, you can surround me with pessimistic commentators, you can keep the computer bogged up with viruses and you can make me bored enough to waste my time on pointless crap but it still will amount to nothing.
In the end, I’m in control and you know that, nothing you can do will stop me for long. You’re like a boss fight in Kingdom Hearts or a regular enemy in dark souls, you might seem like a hard @$$ but you will give me an opening at some point. As soon as I see that opening you’re done. I will win Mr. Uninspiration, it’s only a matter of time.”

And look here! It’s been an hour, I’ve watched a few episodes of cartoons and the computer has been restored to working, not only that I’ve found my opening, thanks Mortality! Let’s do this again soon!

Your Friend,

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