LOK S4 Is coming out Oct. 3rd! Also, I’m caught up on MArvel flicks! And Norigami is an awesome Anime!

Just found out about LOK Season 4! Holy crap! Also, finally caught up on the Marvel movies and a new anime called “Norigami” it;s super epic you should check it out! xD

Description: Hey guys, sorry it’s late should’ve been out yesterday but it isn’t! Sorry,
Today, LEgend of Korra Season 4! Also, Marvel movies! xD And New Anime Like Sword Art Online and Norigami HOLY FLIP WATCH NORIGAMI! it’s amazing!!!
Thanks for watching I love you! xD Probably a little too much! -youfreakinnerd
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Also, yes. The Background does say (green Screen) and (teal screen) because tongue in cheek humor! =P

Author: Erik (youfreakinnerd)

Always try your best! Even if you're doing something stupid, make sure it's EPIC levels of stupid!

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