Legend Of Korra Book 4 Predictions/ In depth Trailer Analysis!

I’m going to break down every single secret that The LEgend of Korra’s Book 4 trailer has for us. Hope ur ready for some possible spoilers!

Warning! Possible Spoilers! I will be predicting as much os Season 4 As I can grasp from the Book 4 Trailer!

My full predictions and also my in depth analysis of The Legend Of Korra’s Epic Book 4 trailer. I go frame by frame dissecting some of the sweet stuff we get a glimpse at in this awesome first look at The final season of one of the best TV shows of this generation.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to let me know what you think of my predictions! Where do you think that everything will go this season?




Author: Erik (youfreakinnerd)

Always try your best! Even if you're doing something stupid, make sure it's EPIC levels of stupid!

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