NERD Journal Entry October 2nd 2014! Rain- (by SiD)

Wow!  Today Kinda sucked! Not because the effort wasn’t there but… well, I guess the effort wasn’t there.

Mostly work today took most of my time which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!  The only problems come in when you realize that once I got home I did nothing until right now 8:30pm and only now am I living up to my potential by writing a journal entry and attempting to draw something beautiful.

Anyways, some interesting aspects about today came when towards the end of work a huge freaking storm hit!  It was actually so awesome I decided to film it a little!  But yeah, we were working on some sandwiches behind P4 when a HUGE storm blew in.

The funny thing is we didn’t even notice until it was RIGHT ON TOP OF US!  The first signs were the lights flickering and not in the usual gas station bathroom type strobe.  No!  The lights literally drained and fizzled out like a dying Pac Man only to flood back open a few seconds later.  It wouldn’t have been that unsettling if they didn’t progress to shutting off and on every few seconds followed by the fire alarm going off!

As the alarm blared crap flew in all directions outside.  And since we’re near a grocery store that included shopping carts as well!  (By the way, it is REALLY creepy seeing empty unmanned shopping carts roll uphill with rain and lightning exploding from the clouds.) One piece of debris nearly took out one of my co-workers as we pulled in the furniture from outside the shop!  We didn’t get a good look at what it was… but we were pretty sure she almost died, xD.  After the rain calmed down we still had to deal with that fire alarm blaring in our ears which apparently didn’t turn off until several minutes after I left.

All of this came at a time when we were behind schedule, our only additional help had left us early to babysit and when almost no one had received a decent night’s sleep.  I guess when it rains it pours…


Darth Nerder: “Obee-nun never told you what happened to your hard disk drive…”

Youk Gamewalker: “He told me enough!  He told me YOU INFECTED IT!”

DArth Nerder: “No Youk… I am your computer…”

Youk Gamewalker: “No… THAT’S NOT TRUE! ….THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!”

Darth Nerder: “Search your history…. you know it to be true.”

Youk Gamewalker: “NOOOO…..! NOOOO…!”

-“IDk I was bored.” -youfreakinnerd




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