Hey, so I’m thinking about starting a twitch stream. Whatchu guys think?

So I’ve been working a lot lately and today especially I’ve had a ton of things to do around the house, helping out friends, and other things in town (that I will not specify).  ANYWAYS!  I’m finally getting around to my Legend Of Korra reviews and I’ve had a thought pop into my head recently.

I should do a TWITCH stream!

I already have a Twitch site which I use to watch like, 3 ppl, Saberspark, Maximillian Dood and my buddy Zack so I’m not exactly PRO gamr stuff or PRO let’s play watcher or anything. (I’m sure that will become a profession at some point.)

But anyways, I have done a few gameplay videos in the past but I was wondering, would any of you like to see me Stream Twitch?  (Mostly Kingdom Hearts because that’s about the only game i’m good at! xD

YEP! New videos tonite though!  (More like tomorrow because it’ll be midnight but anyways.

Here’s a poem to make up for lack of awesomeness in this post.

I am a fruit, you make me toot.  Don’t wear your shirt, step in a boot.

Sometimes I cry, but I won’t die. I like pie… why… oh why…?

#s4ep10 predictions beta thumbnailYEP… so… See you next post! xD

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