So yeah, my review for Legend of Korra episode 9 is finally here! Along with my review for episode 10! 10 isn’t as good as 9 but thats okay, more videos have been made I feel proud of myself!

Anyways, I loved how Bolin was ANNOYING this last episode! I’m such a hipocrite, gomei na sai… anywho. Kuvira caught on to Zhu Li’s biscuitry pretty quick! That was interesting! Also, we (meaning me I) talk about some other stuff like oh, Bei Fong Family Road trip, Magneto esque Wood prisons etc. So YEAH! hOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY IT! STAY EPIC AND ALL THAT JANK!

In other news, I was wanting to know from all of you: If I were to do a Twitch stream what night wouldyou like me to do it on? Because I really want to stream Kingsom HEarts I ust need a time and I’ll get it done! xD So yeah, thanks for all your comments, I will respond to each and every one.

Also, thanks for sticking around until this point.
*takes deep breath!*
BOLIN, MAKO, KORRA, ZAHEER, SPIRIT VINES, VINES, PRISON, BREAK, BEI FONG, TOPH, AVATAR, THE LAST AIRBENDER, LEGEND OF KORRA, LOK EPISODE 9 CHAPTER 9 SEASON 4 EPISODE 10 review thing youfreakinnerd you freaking freakin korra worship korraworship korra (fan) Worship

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