Legend Of Korra Season 4 Episode 11! Pacific Rim Metalbender MECHA!

I know it’s late but I never miss out on a LOK review! Unless it’s sometimes, sometimes I do! But yeah, this weeks legend of Korra episode 11 “kuvira’s Gambit” as it is so called marks the first entrance of the Pacific Rim metal mechasuit kuvira has been somehow sneakily working on for a while! WOW! Also, we talk about how Varrick Dropped the Ball, why Zhu Li is totally hawt, and the NERD just freaks out in general… so… sorry eardrums you’re getting a bunch from this xD

Also, if you read through this whole thing congrats you get to learn my secret…. I LIKE YONA OF THE DAWN!

No, that’s not the real one. Here’s the real one…

okay listen…..
way down here
nope, down further.
– –


I am the meta of my site,
Words are my soul and binary is my mind,
I have programmed over a thousand sites,
Unknown to publishing,
Nor known to SEO,
Have withstood many hackers to create many websites.
Yet these hands will never grasp reality.

thats it…. if you got the reference without googling this… 10.000 POINTS TO GRIFFINDOR! If you didn’t get THAT reference, you are an unfortunate little child… and I pity you. THANKS FOR READING DAGNABBIT!!!

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