2015(2) Mountains Are Sexy

Note: Published late, still counts tho.

I’ve missed mountains really bad.
Most of my childhood I spent in a small town in Calarada so I grew up having this little feature pasted into the horizon called “the Rockies” (you might have heard of them).  Anyways, ever since living in that there rectangle state I’ve been RUINED for any other land features.  I mean, for example, the next state I lived in: Massachusetts had great mountains! However, Massachusetts also had great trees and the best ones hung out in front of your window like Shaquille trying to block a shot.
Texas (state #4 officially) was pretty middle ground as far as land features (every so often 1/4th of a hill, 2/3rds of a plateau) but… For 7 years, no mountains.
I am so glad I’m going to Idaho for school this year.  All the way up I’ve been seeing some supermodel level rock formations…



Arches… Hills… Cliffs… *blush*

Ah yes.  I think I’ll be comfortable here.

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