2015 (4) #Churchtime

Finally got to know my ward today!  …WHOO~!  YEAH!

So in case any of you didn’t know, I’m a mormon which means I go to church on Sunday… shocking right?  It’s like, totally differe- (joke’s dead)

Anyways, it was a really great group of people and what’s awesome, is that I even recognized a few of the people out there in the pews! xD  I managed to get a sketch done and inked before the meetings were over AND I got a lot out of it spiritually!  The only downside was that mom got the jump on me and texted me to check if I’d gone to church before I could respond!  DANGIT!  So, naturally, I had to reply with interest.

podium1 podium2

Yeah…. my face… I’m kind of tired here.

So yeah, that’s the podium it’s pretty cool.  It was fast and testimony meeting so everyone got to get up and tell their own story it was really good.  The best part was meeting up with someone I met in the DFW airport while dropping off my brother.  She was just getting off her mission and we ended up in the same ward!

Geez, the world is super tiny… and my face looks really derpy in the first picture… I’m sorry guys! REALLY  I am!  That’s just, unforgivable… I’m posting it anyways.  See you tomorrow morning for classes!  Good night!


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