Overwatch Problems

So I am actually a big fan of Overwatch.  I don’t object to the game at all in fact I’m exited to play it.  But, that’s my problem. I’m not playing it.  

I’ve had it since the 23rd and since Blizzard has insisted on it being online all the time (again, looking at YOU Diablo III)  I have played zero hours despite my best efforts.

I say best efforts, but really it’s this guy doing all the work.

That’s my PS4, which was bought “used” from GameStop.  (Though, being honest, it was less-worn than my first PS4.)

And I say “work” but my PlayStation has failed to download the mandatory Overwatch firmware update more times than I can count.  In fact, I’ve spent two full evenings trying to download this thing without success.

  I’ve tried it every way I can think of and the PlayStation, (let’s call him Dave) keeps crashing.

Preparing to download 10%?

Oh sure Dave, and I bet I’m gonna meet my soulmate tomorrow too.

You wish you could get to 15% Dave you dishonest sack of turds.

Anyways, not complaining, really, I’m just fascinated at this point.  Seeing as I have lost a significant portion of my sleep  (and sanity) to Overwatch and not in the way I was expecting to.

But it’s all right, it will probably download before the night is over and all will be right with the world.


Oh.  Never mind, Dave.  I take it back, you are NOW an honest sack of turds.

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