About youfreakinnerd

Welcome to my website of nerdy musings, postings, videos, and pictures the constant stream of geeky randomosity that is youfreakinnerd.  So, the question is, what’s on this site?  Well, whatever you want really.  Normally, I will post at will, reviewing or commenting/ making fun of whatever geeky thing I please.  Where you come in is with suggestions, ask me to watch, play or review your favorite movie tv show or video game (assuming it is nerdy of course). Once you’ve sent your suggestion to youfreakinnerd@gmail.com I’ll promptly respond with some content!  And, if you’d like i’ll mention you in said content, video or otherwise!  At any rate, if you’re a nerd, geek, or a brainy enthusiast of said geeky or nerdy content here’s your site!  And always remember, all nerds are welcome here!  Thanks for coming, commenting, sharing and giving your opinions to make this site better!  YOU ROCK! STAY NERDY!!!!

nerd with pony, back again
I’m a fan of anything I find entertaining.
I play Games from time 2 time! Mostly Anime-related or LoL
And of course, I watch TONS of cartoons, that is after all the main thing I do on most days… (actually on most days I just watch amv’s or Pin stuff to my Fullmetal Alchemist board but that’s more than you need to know! =O)



Also known as Erik.

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