Your Name. J.J. Abrams Edition (Please be good!)

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You guys ready for Your Name. JJ Abrams edition? Apparently Hollywood is so pepare thine anus!




In this video we discuss JJ (can’t keep his bloody hands to himself) Abrams and his need to ruin the best anime film of 2016 as quickly as possible. It’s not all doom and gloom there are some promising live action anime adaptations on the horizon like Star Blazers, and there is a possibility that this movie could be good. It’s slim though. It looks like we’ll be checking in with Channing Tatum as Taki and Jennifer Lawrence as Mitsuha in a few years hooray for that. If you need a hug just let me know.

I’m back, bitches! Cue losing half my subscribers for that. It’s the last episode of Spring Anime Review Time With “you freaking nerd!” Because apparently that’s what petiole search for.
Today I cover the finale of Berserk 2017, the season two halfway point of My Hero Academia and two more new shows! WorldEnd. Or Suka Suka and the first half of Re:Creators, which is pretty good so far. It’s definitely better than Aldnoah. Zero.

See also: for more info.
Anyways, I’m going to do a Summer Anime Preview either at the end of this month or next month. Look forward to that. The Hand Shakers review is DONE SCRIPTING!! All I gotta do is film it now.  
Anyways, you read my description so you’re my slave now. Post this everywhere because that’s obviously all you’re good for.  
Just kidding. Never listen to people that tell you to like their content. Even me. That’s his trash floats to the top of YouTube SEO. Bye!


youfreakinnerd’s [WAGO] -Together We Give Our Hearts!!

This week’s anime was so amazing I can hardly contain myself!  

Attack on Titan Season 2 ended on such an uproarious high note I think it deserves hours and hours of analysis.  

As usual, Berserk disappointed, but not at an alarmingly ridiculous rate this time.  Boruto is getting hard to slog through, but at least Naruto’s shadow clones want to parent!  Also, My Hero Academia has wowed us with an amazing fight and some much needed Bakugo time.  Hopefully that guy can catch a break!

My new video can be accessed here:  

WAGO 6-17-2017
Please let me know what you thought in the comments section if this post or on the video watch page.  Thanks!  And you have a good day!

youfreakinnerd’s (Weekly Anime Geek Out!) June 10th 2017 THE CGI IS WORSE THIS WEEK!!!!
This video is out so late!!! But tonight we dine in YouTube hell! I’ll get today’s video done if it kills me!

At any rate, welcome to the weekly anime geek out! Where I talk about the 4 anime with the least in common with one another!
This week, spoilers for Berserk 2017 episode 10, Boruto episode 10, My Hero Academia Episode 24 and Attack on Titan Episode 36!



Weekly Anime Geek Out! 6-3-2017

This week’s WAGO!!

Bertoldt late than Hoover! HAHA! It’s 5am here. Sorry.  

Yeah, this one took forever to complete but mostly due to my intention of filling this thing with enough dank-ness to send it to the moon. Or something like that.

Anyways, thanks for watching youfreakkinnerd for those that are still here week after week. WAGO is my weekly show and I will get better at it once I have my schedule down.



Closing Song (Buy Right music + right time on iTunes you’ll thank me):

Seal rolling down hill

How seals move on land

elephant seal fight

eggs seal
This week I reviewed new episodes of boruto, mha (my hero academia), AoT (Attack on titan), and Berserk! I also made a lot of elephant seal jokes and screwed around a bunch as well! Hope you enjoyed my dankness and I look forward to reading your comments and seeing you in my next video.

WAFO!  Weekly Anime Freak Out for May 21st 2017!!

WAFO! 5-21-2017
Another new week of anime, another new weekly anime freak out reviewing the latest episodes of Berkerk (2017), Boruto, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan Season 2 in that order. Som spoilers ahaed! PLZ BAY WERNED! Also, I was sick this week so there’s that as well. I apologize for the lateness but let’s get geeking out!  



WAGO! (Weekly Anime Geek Out) 5-12-17

New Reviews!

The start of a new review series! Every weekend I will be doing a weekly anime geek out! WAGO, for short where I review 4 currently running series! Today covers last week’s episodes: Berserk (2017) episode 6, Boruto episode 5, Attack On Titan episode 31 (episode 6 of s2), and My Hero Academia episode 19! Let me know what YOU thought of these series in the comments and share my dankness with your friends! #anime #review #attackontitan #myheroacademia #youfreakinnerd #wago #berserk #naruto #boruto