Overwatch is AWESOME!

So I finally got my PlayStation to work over the three day weekend and all I had to do was put it on the windowsill with a fan on it constantly!  

No biggie, just make sure it doesn’t fall!

True story.

Since then I’ve spent hours playing with a bunch of new online buddies and it has been insanely fun.

The face of nerdy happiness

Of course, because the PS4 was crashing so much, I wound up with a 75% experience cut that only went away after about thirty matches.  

Oh no. . . I have to play more Overwatch to get rid of this penalty? what a nightmaaaaaaaaaare!

Anyways, it’s been fun But now I gotta go to sleep.  Also, BTW, I’m making a goal to be nerdy as often as possible from now on y’all.  Prepare yourselves, yo!!


P.S. Found a snail.

His name is Rudyard Kipling and he loves scootong around like a snail do.

01/14/16 We’ll miss you, professor.

January 14th 2016

Isn’t it awesome when you sit down to write in your journal and realize: “hey, I wasn’t a complete screw-up today!” 3 Too bad happiness can’t last forever with all of my favorite people dying all the time!  By Grapthar’s Hammer, by sons of Warvan, I am bawling my eyes out today.
More on that later, In fact, I think I have a whole blog post dedicated to crying coming on.

As for today, I finally woke up at 5:30am and worked out for the first time in a month!

how it feels when you wake up and work out at 5am

How it feels when you finally wake up to the alarm.  #congratulations I posted this on Facebook but it wasn’t mainstream enough for my family, I guess.  (Wats more mainstreem than Evanjelly-on?  AMIRITE?)  That’s why I have this blog though, so I can at least pretend that someone out there gets it!.

Miraculously, I was able to wake up at 5 after staying up late with the toilet.  I swear, I thought I wasn’t going to walk straight when I woke up, much to my surprise I could kicki drewdis and I could run!  I’m fifty!  I got a dang good work out in, I drew THE BEST PICTURE EVER! *see left* (in 20 mins =D)
and I managed to not die during work!  I can’t believe it!  It’s like, I’m finally not a complete wash-out!  Yaaay!


Of course, I was hit hard this afternoon at the loss of Alan Rickman and it put me in a serious funk.  The world has lost yet another great actor this year and 2016 is just getting started.  Of course, I’m still reeling from Leonard Nemoy and Christopher Lee from last year (oh, my heart!  I can’t take it. Christopher Lee!)  Not to mention, David Bowie whom I was only beginning to have an appreciation for.  It just goes to show how much we should cherish the people we have around us, no one lives forever.  More on this later, like I said, I’ll have a whole cry session post about it so save your tears.

(On the positive side though, guys.  I know we miss our professor but at the very least his fight with cancer is over.)

At the end of the day I’m feeling pretty accomplished despite getting nowhere with my goals.  It was a good day, at any rate.  I’m almost done with 24 episodes of Haikyuu!! thanks to my “No YouTube, just anime” diet and I think next week will be a good one in the long run.  If this keeps up, maybe the whole year will be great!

goals reality

Well, until next time!  Thanks for reading!


P.S. To all my YouTube people.  Uh, sorry?  Full-time job + full-time goals = 0 So, that One Punch Man video, Steven Universe Review, Gem profiling sessh?  In my queue, waiting for a three-day weekend to complete.  Thanks for understanding!  (Yeah, I know, putting words in your mouth.  That’s what happens when I get three comments per video. KEK)

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1/06/16- My Kingdom for an iMac

January 6th 2016

Well, after that productive night of more than 2,000 words I guess I should really consider writing just ten tonight so I can get off the hook and sleep!  No bite?  Oh, okay.  I guess not.  I called in sick today to be “more productive” kind of hard to do when you stay up till 3am watching pointless junk hoping to be inspired by some of the dregs of YouTube to make something great.  So, status on goals.  I haven’t penned the SU review yet and in the time I’ve spent dorking around I probably could have watched the whole series over again by now.  Not important, but nonetheless relevant to the current problem.

Today I woke up at 7, went back to sleep, got up again at 8, and went to sleep.  Got up again and went to see Star Wars Episode 7 for the fifth time.  IT was great!  Except, you know, there goes the morning *in scorpion’s voice (from90’s spiderman)* “It’s all gone . . . AND MY CHANCE TO BE NORMAL AGAIN!!  NO, NO, NO-OH, NO! NO!!!”  Yeah, that’s how I feel when I come home from being out all day and find out that I have no time left.  (Yes, 1pm to midnight = no time in my book because I waste it all watching Anime and other weaboo crap.)

So, upon returning home, naturally, I slacked for about two or three hours before realizing that I needed to do something.  Per mother’s advice I decided to shop around for options before buying myself a brand new iMac for art and you know (my porn stash obviously) other programs.  Brand new iMac seemed like the best option but I was in fetchquest mode and decided to check the local armories.  I went to the apple repair store, they had one macbook but it was beat up AND from 2010, AND low spec, AND 500 dollars.  Nope, so much nope.  Got some sick new headphones though!  I went to Best buy, popped those babies in my ears and realized they were trash.  As I entered the automatic doors I made note to return these pieces of poo ASAP.

Best buy, yaaaaay . . . Well, Best Buy isn’t all bad.  At least they HAVE an anime section, unlike any other video store in the world who thinks they can hold their head up high without scrutiny.  I see you, Target, stop lumping Miyazaki in with Bob the Builder, you’re shelving managers are a disgrace!

Speaking of disgrace, Best Buy’s computing options were pretty limited.  Back in my day, Circuit City at least carried ONE version of Sony’s sexy Vaio laptops, at least I could dream when I walked in there.  I walked into Best Buy’s section and wished I could forget!  I’m being harsh, they weren’t bad computers, but none of them were up to par.  None of them EXCEPT, the IBuyPower gaming PC lurking in the room. At its most basic specs it was 400 less than a mac and had all the gigahertz and gigabytes of video card memory I could ever need.  Too bad after talking it over with the Best Buy guy, who was great by the way.  I decided it definitely wasn’t for me.  Still had to buy a monitor, still needed a HDD upgrade and a better mouse and keyboard than what came out of the box so.  Oh, well.  I guess I’ll just have to wait a month and buy a brand new iMac like I’ve always wanted to have since I was 10 years old.  Wish fulfillment, this is why I go to work every day.

I hastily returned the poo headphones and went home to catch up on RWBY.  And oh my gosh is RWBY good!  I always thought RWBY was some great fun with good action, great characters, and great animation.  I still do!  RWBY is a treat among my animation library, I’ve always been a fan.  But I’ve never thought of it as having a great story, just above passing with characters carrying the brunt of it.  I don’t know if RWBY volume 3 is “good” by the definition I save for things that are TRULY amazing, but it certainly blew my socks off watching episodes 3-7 today.

First point, Crow is amazing, his semblance HAS TO BE the ability to take any scene and make it serious and kind of edgy really fast.  I just love that scene where he walks up behind winter and destroys her two Robocop guards, while completely, sloppy drunk.  I mean, DANG!  I was feeling some actual tension and character dynamic there!  This is RWBY we’re talking about guys, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that watching this before.  Now, the fight scene was a tad disappointing but the team CFVY fight with Mercury and Green Haired . . . girl(? Name!?)  Was AMAZING!  I need that song, and I watched it five times.

The story though, guys, I’m telling you!  I’m not gonna spoil this but from episode 5 onward here was legitimate world-building, lore, intrigue, a particularly long hallway talk with a VERY interesting conversation, a whole flashback episode which not only explained a LOT about Mercury, the woman in red, her ties with the white fang, but also gave context to her semblance, to the grimm, AND set up this amazing conflict!?  I mean, my gosh!  I don’t think I’d be this impressed it weren’t for the first two seasons.  Its like, this whole thing has retroactively improved upon the previous series so far in ways I can’t even wrap my head around!

RWBY has a good story, guys!  It is legitimately getting there, or rather, it’s been getting there, this WHOLE TIME!  Color me impressed, especially with all of the references and callbacks that have been made to the white and black trailers over these last few episodes.  Props for tipping your hat to some of the most iconic imagery in the series to date.  MAN!  Now, I’ve got to write an SU review. DANGIT!  I wanna talk about RWBY!  Oh well, a problem for tomorrow morning.

I hope things go well for me tomorrow.  Certainly, I’ll need to get some good winks for that to come true.

-Erik (as if someone else could be this nerdy!)


P.S. I decided to start publishing the more particularly entertaining entries of my journals as blog entries.  Don’t worry.  I’ll leave out the parts where I call all of you twats and hacks. xD