The Legend Of Korra Official YOUFREAKINNERD Geek/Out Reaction!

Ok so first of all, The Legend of Korra is freaking sweet! Episodes 6 and 7…. DANG! We had so much stuff going on up in this it took me like 5 whole minutes to react to it all! GOSH! Korra is finally showing much needed character development, Meelo is Stalin, Asami disappeared, Varrick is back, and ….sky bison meat market *shudder* *shudder* anyways, no new predictions yet, but I’ll get back to you in the next coupla days! Stay swag and awesome my NERDY homies…..
and now im just gonna tag things! Lin and Su Yin play Street Fighter, Meelo is Melon Lord and Kai is the new Jet!

Giant Robots!!!! Aldonah, Zero xD

Studio Ghibli Soundtracks Added to North American iTunes Store

I need all of this…. Time to get a Job

Lesley's Anime and Manga Corner

Studio Ghibli has updated their soundtrack offerings on the North American iTunes store, and the soundtracks available on the service include:

  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind OST – by Joe Hisaishi
  • Castle in the Sky OST – by Joe Hisaishi
  • My Neighbor Totoro OST – by Joe Hisaishi
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service OST – by Joe Hisaishi
  • Porco Rosso OST – by Joe Hisaishi
  • Ocean Waves OST – by Shigeru Nagata
  • Pom Poko OST – by Hasso Gakuden
  • Whisper of the Heart OST – by Yuji Nomi
  • Princess Mononoke OST – by Joe Hisaishi
  • My Neighbors the Yamadas OST – by Akiko Yano
  • Spirited Away OST – by Joe Hisaishi
  • The Ghiblies Episode 2 – by Manto Watanobe
  • The Cat Returns OST – by Yuji Nomi
  • Howl’s Moving Castle OST – by Joe Hisaishi
  • Studio Ghibli Symphonic Suite – by Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Tales of Earthsea OST – by…

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Going to the LDS Temple, and watching Cartoons! Jul. 9th

Dear, Internet!  Wow… just typing that out makes me feel a little weird about posting what I feel like posting right now!  But whatever!

I just got back from going to the Dallas, TX temple!  My dad is a temple worker there which means that he gets to help perform the ordinances there (Or sacred ceremonies).  For those of you who may not know, the Temple according to the LDS belief (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is a place where we can partake in sacred ceremonies called ordinances.  The Temple is also where we can perform said ordinances on the behalf of our ancestry thus allowing them the same opportunities in the next life.  What it means for our ancestors is beyond my ability to fathom!  But what it means for me is super-relaxing-spiritual-awesome-stress-relief!

Kinda feels like this after a long day of stressing
Kind of feels like this after a long day of stressing out. BTW (the anime is Toradora!)

Ever since I got off my mission I’ve been pretty stressed out, but thanks to the temple and other scripture study I’ve been able to get through it!

Sadly, though I’ve come to the shocking realization that splitting life between being a mormon and being involved in geek-culture is not the easiest thing to balance out.  I’ll admit openly though I haven’t played many video games since getting off my mission that I have watched a bit of anime and cartoons (and a bit of TV).  This is both the best and the worst part of being home.  On the one hand, I love getting lost in a good story like “Sherlock” or a visually gripping world like that of : “Sword Art Online” It’s been hard for me to even start watching TV let alone wholeheartedly enjoy it since being so dedicated to that thing we call “The Gospel” for two years.

This is a good across the board example of the kind of stuff I've been watching lately.
Sword Art Online is a good “across the board” example of the kind of shows I’ve been watching lately.

I don’t know if it’s just because I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I’m now allowed to watch TV every so often and enjoy it but I still feel a little guilty about watching cartoons like a regular old nerd. LOL, this is what my mom calls “the mourning period” of my mission, I miss being fully immersed in spiritual awesomeness and teaching people about the great and eternal plan of happiness.  But, to be honest, at least I feel bad about it!  I’m glad to a certain extent that I feel this Mourning Period coming on because it means that what happened on my mission has changed me permanently for the better! 

But… I’m still a freaking nerd.  I admit this openly, knowing fully that being a Nerd and a Mormon are two hard things to do at the same time but I am glad that I am a part of a church that allows for improvement over time.  Seeing as I have many years left to improve, hopefully things will continue to get better!  I anticipate that as I continue to work hard at preparing for college and also going to the temple each week that all of my kinks will be ironed out and I’ll come out of this life smooth, happy and ready for the next thing!  However that goes, thankfully, no matter what, at least it’ll be better than this life!


Anywhays, hope y’all are having a NERDY time out there and enjoying life to the best of your abilities!  I certainly am!  And tommorrow I’ll be posting a new video HERE and on my YouTube which i’m very excited about!  Thanks for reading, 


YOUFREAKINNERD is Back! And ready for more Legend of Korra Reviews!!

Yep, u heard me! YOUFREAKINNERD is back from his 2 year mission to Nevada! That means that he’s going to be working his tail off Reviewing season 2 of The Legend of Korra and season 3 of The Legend of Korra Changes! Thanks for supporting me and watching, I’ll also be catching up on MLP:FiM for all you Bronies out there! Thank you! Sorry it took so long to come out with some new content I’ve just been trying to freaking catch up on technology etc! BYE Everybody!

And BTW, YES, I just copied and pasted the description I typed up on YouTube! xD People like consistency, xD

July 1st, Back In The World and Back To YouFreakinNerding!

Just got back Video version: YOUFREAKINNERD is back

So, today marks exactly six days since I flew home ‘on a jetplane’  I wasn’t sure when I’d be back again (to Reno) and as of this moment I’m still not sure.  I spent two years of my life living in that desert teaching others about my religion (mormon [commence angry mobs and comment bombardment xD]) and I STILL haven’t managed to get back in touch with everypony I knew out there!  (Hey, another sticking point: Ponies! Grab your torch and pitchforks!)  And honestly, I know that it’s only been a week, but FLIP!  It feels like three!  These last six days have blurred by so fast I’m not even fully sure what to think of them yet.

Before going on my mission, I would blaze through hours and hours of media content, today, as of six days after coming home I estimate I’ve only managed to squeeze in about 11 hours!  11! (#Area11 xD) Eleven hours of ‘screen sucking’ as my Padre calls it.  Two years ago, i’d do 11 hours in my sleep, today, I’m still trying to force media down my throat to get back into my trade (namely, reviewing, blogging, re-posting and twittering) and while i wasn’t one of these internet demi-gods gobbling down subscribers like Dragons and Titans gobble villagers but i had a small YouTube presence of 500 or over and I was happy with that!  now that the mission’s over and reality is finally setting in I face the Grim (Adventures of billy and mandy xD) reality that I’m going to have to get serious about this or my hobby of twittering and internetizing might just end up going down the toilet along with a lot of other veritable chickens I’ve counted that haven’t hatched yet.  (BTW, yes, I realize ‘internetizing’ isn’t a word.  But neither was ‘Lorax’ you never saw Dr. Seuss bat an eyelash.  To this day HIS name does NOT get flagged with squiggly red underlines xD.  But mine sometimes does… T____T)

At any rate, the filmage/Animeage/videoage (Yeah, I know English, I just don’t care =P) I have covered in the last 6 days are as follows: Pacific Rim, Wolf Children, Godzilla (2014 In theatres xD), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Two Episodes of FMA:B eps. 25, and 26, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (CLIFFHANGERS!!!! GAHHHHHH!!!!!), and Three episodes of ‘Attack on Titan’ (oh boy i have a hard time watching stuff that depressing and violent [I say in the same breath I mention Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, LOL gotta love hipocrisy!])

At any rate, that’s my tale thus-far, a nerd re- transplanted to his homeland of Tejas (Texas…) trying to restore balance to the world by learning all forms of bending to take on the Firelord (President of the USA! [or something]) before the comet returns (This one!!! D=’s_Comet ) and like, totally gives the Kaiju enough of a powerboost to defeat the Evangelions and the Jaegers!  OH MY GOSH!!!!!


…. not, really, I’m just a nerd.  Welcome to the show… actually, this is a blog, but hey, it links to the show, right? xD


-Erik a.k.a. Barrel Rider, a.k.a. The DEVOURER (of cookies and chocolate soda) a.k.a some other Epic title


nerd with pony, back again

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