Your Name. J.J. Abrams Edition (Please be good!)

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You guys ready for Your Name. JJ Abrams edition? Apparently Hollywood is so pepare thine anus!




In this video we discuss JJ (can’t keep his bloody hands to himself) Abrams and his need to ruin the best anime film of 2016 as quickly as possible. It’s not all doom and gloom there are some promising live action anime adaptations on the horizon like Star Blazers, and there is a possibility that this movie could be good. It’s slim though. It looks like we’ll be checking in with Channing Tatum as Taki and Jennifer Lawrence as Mitsuha in a few years hooray for that. If you need a hug just let me know.

Weekly Anime Geek Out! 6-3-2017

This week’s WAGO!!

Bertoldt late than Hoover! HAHA! It’s 5am here. Sorry.  

Yeah, this one took forever to complete but mostly due to my intention of filling this thing with enough dank-ness to send it to the moon. Or something like that.

Anyways, thanks for watching youfreakkinnerd for those that are still here week after week. WAGO is my weekly show and I will get better at it once I have my schedule down.



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Seal rolling down hill

How seals move on land

elephant seal fight

eggs seal
This week I reviewed new episodes of boruto, mha (my hero academia), AoT (Attack on titan), and Berserk! I also made a lot of elephant seal jokes and screwed around a bunch as well! Hope you enjoyed my dankness and I look forward to reading your comments and seeing you in my next video.

Social Blasphemy – Analyzing Kiznaiver Ep. 1

A new video with a new style!  Hope you like it!  If you do, lots more coming your way!


By the way, I apologize for the lack of editing prowess and for the lack of music.


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This week, we spoil the beginning of season 2 for all of you hobos! xD But seriously, go and WATCH Episodes 1-12 if you haven’t now is your chance! Inaho returns in an epic fashion fighting an Ice Mech Kataphract! Also Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia is still alve! I’m freaking out so bad! Not to mention Zausbaum and Rayet being epic and wow… this season is starting to get really interesting!
Thanks for your likes and comments! Your enjoyment, helps feed my insanity! Catch you all next time!

Under The Rock News Volume 1! Les Miz, DBZ 2015, New anime 2015 and I’m going to college!

Just got done with the last video broadcast from Texas for quite some time!    Episode 1 of my hopefully infinite part series “Under the Rock” where I share news as I find it!  So in other words: “Where did you get your news from?  Under a Rock!?”  “…YES…”

The premiere of the News show for those of us that REALLY aren’t on task!
On Under The Rock I report anything I consider noteworthy in whatever order I like! This week a new DBZ movie, the lastest info I have on Godzilla 2 and my college details! xD

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So yeah, my review for Legend of Korra episode 9 is finally here! Along with my review for episode 10! 10 isn’t as good as 9 but thats okay, more videos have been made I feel proud of myself!

Anyways, I loved how Bolin was ANNOYING this last episode! I’m such a hipocrite, gomei na sai… anywho. Kuvira caught on to Zhu Li’s biscuitry pretty quick! That was interesting! Also, we (meaning me I) talk about some other stuff like oh, Bei Fong Family Road trip, Magneto esque Wood prisons etc. So YEAH! hOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY IT! STAY EPIC AND ALL THAT JANK!

In other news, I was wanting to know from all of you: If I were to do a Twitch stream what night wouldyou like me to do it on? Because I really want to stream Kingsom HEarts I ust need a time and I’ll get it done! xD So yeah, thanks for all your comments, I will respond to each and every one.

Also, thanks for sticking around until this point.
*takes deep breath!*
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Happy Thanksgiving From YOUFREAKINNERD!

Thank you! for all the nerdy times and freak outs! You guys are amazing, and I can’t believe that there’s 955 of you! Stay awesome, everyone and thanks again for Watching! Happy Thanksgiving from youfreakinnerd!

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